Summary for Meteo Livorno

Current Conditions – Meteo Livorno As of 10:11 Friday, October 31, 2014 Forecast: Partially Cloudy Outside Temp: 16.6 C High Outside Temp: 16.6 C at 10:10 Low Outside Temp: 10.8 C at 07:00 Outside Humidity: 49% Inside Temp: 24.1 C Inside Humidity: 37% Heat Index: 15.6 C Wind Chill: 16.7 C Dew Point: 5.6 C Barometer: 1024.6hPa and Rising Slowly Wind Speed: 6.4 km/h Wind Direction: NE High Gust: 16.1 km/h at 09:48 10 min Avg Wind: 6.4 km/h Rain Rate: 0.0mm/Hour Day Rain: 0.0mm Storm Rain: 0.0mm Month Rain: 50.6mm Year Rain: 50.6mm

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